Thursday, September 14, 2006

Simmering It Is All About Simmering

The excerpt of any existence is the accompanying reality, we mean by that, that we take exemption to anything that you might imply to yourself other than what you have implied in your communion and events with others, so that your history cannot be a self inflicted autobiography, a conjuring of self events, it must be contextual to the events that have transpired conjoined with the life and happenings, and others not excluding the things in universe, planets and suns, you have a relationship to the Sun in that you transform its energy into life form, you have a relationship with plant life in that you transform its eco system in a very metered transmission of matter, then you have a relationship that is more kindred to fish and cows and bears and so forth, these are what actually embed you into the concept of existence, and so your autonomy or the autonomy of anything is none existent, not negligent but none existent because the universe doesn’t end its sentences.

Still even as that is the case there must be something to your existence that is somehow independent of what universe is and what plants are, and what chickens, pigs and cows are besides pork, milk and eggs. Else why would you be reading this book and why aren’t cows reading this book?

Ah the enigma of existence is so tiring it almost doesn’t last, this is why we don’t go around asking ourselves philosophical questions, they are long winded, they are boring, and they don’t have any plausible meaning, but they do have some meaning, it is the implausible meaning, they can connect us to something that we are not connected with, philosophy does endear us to things that are a little bit more untouchable than the atom, the atom might or might not depend on these things too, there really is no way of knowing this, the truth has never been obtainable and will never be obtainable, you just have to decide what will be the truth that causes you to persists and if you are more or less correct and everyone else is more or less in agreement with you, you are likely to happen as a subject being; but it would be strenuous to say that your existence is any basis for truth and much less genuine still to say that you could formulate a fundamental and none devolving truth, we cannot say that with any certainty and we will thus not.

However there you are reading this and here I am writing it, that presupposes any number of things, all of which are temporary and valid truths, and so here we come to some conclusions about you, and some conclusions about me, and some conclusions about universe and some conclusions about the about that we are about.

You exist? Well if existence is a shared experience and all things connected embody that existence and are all representational entities of each other and in essence speak different aspects of self, then we will affirm that, you exist. You exist as a voice, as a conscious agent in the material, you exist as energy transferred from a cow, you exist as part of the back ground radiated energy of the universe, you exist in situational essence as a physical possession of body as attributed to soul, you exist in relationship to your children and are allowed to persists in accordance to social and physical laws which reverse embody their existence from accordance with yours, we can thus affirm that you exist, and exist as much as that representation of all those things is valid, if it isn’t then you don’t exist and something else is valid.

Part of me writing this book and part of you reading it is so that we can stay on message, by the time this book gets written the message has been hardwired and it is a little late to change it except by appearance, when humanity is ready to live the next cycle of its own expression there is nothing to be done but listen, we have listened but it doesn’t matter if we don’t, we are after all inherently on message, the rules cannot be violated from this level of play, if they are we are dead, and that leads to another set of default endeavors, in life as in an after life there are any number of rules, the consequences tend to be generated by those preset rules, yes the universe and quantum have the potential to be many things, but at any given time a given expression is in favor, there is but naught else to do but live it, such is the chicanery of existence.

I hope that you dwell upon that criteria, I hope that you replenish your heart to think that the complexity of the interactions leave you with very little choice but to take everything else into consideration, that is next time you act or react, because any affirmation of your existence will be largely dependant on everything else affirming it and maintaining it, and if they fail to do so because they don’t like you, or they don’t like your feel or they don’t like what you have to say, or you are destroying their environment or killing an entire species, then you will fair badly; for we want the dolphin’s eye to remember us, we want the whales to be alive to tell the universe that they saw us, if we register in the brain of a crocodile then that crocodile will tell the universe that it saw us, and if it does so it will help the universe to remember us, just like the universe notices when a mosquito bites us, we want a mosquito to bites us, or we should want that mosquito to bite us because when it does it exchanges the blood samples of us all with us all and simmers blood throughout the species, mosquito dilutes differences, it makes sameness, and when there are more mosquitoes there is equally more chances of there being more us, people like us that is; cockroaches like stark contrast because it gets them notice, when you say, “Yuk there is a cockroach!” you are telling the universe where in time and space there is a cockroach, something’s have to frighten to get noticed, an orchid has to be pretty to live off of airs; it is with some courage that we can say we exist in the city when in order to do so we have to consume the forest, we are still tree cutters just like our ancestors did so 7000 thousand years ago, dwelling on cutting wood persists even in New York city, and so even as New Yorkers are loners and mentally live in very little psychological planets of precise intellectual dimensions, they are still somewhere cutting a thousand trees each, they are still fishing the artic ocean, they are still carving up the diamonds in Africa; and of course this is all delusional because in the end if we don’t support the existence of other life and forms it also means we are not going to support our own existence, a New Yorker is somewhere in the world with his nation’s army, vigilant of defense and offence, the world twists on such enmeshed associations that you must wonder why we fail to notice the intricacies of dependencies all the way up to the metaphysical, all the way down to carbon, all the way to the maximum energy of light, all the way to 274 degrees Celsius below zero, in our universe we are everywhere, so why have we grown so independent, so assured of our self sufficiency even outside of New York?

The answer very much ends this book, simmering. The more things simmer they more they look the same and the less we may discriminate, when mosquitoes bite us and kill those that cannot survive their particular infection they are pruning our species for sameness, there must have been more, many more blood types but for mosquitoes pruning our species, and as our ideas about freedom and independence simmer all to look the same from every angle it is hard and difficult and mostly impossible not to have the same view of freedom and independence as everyone else and when everyone agrees about such things, we will all be free and independent.

Simmering, it is all about simmering.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Is Action?

It is a strange question to ask for the word itself action, commands enough air of attention to make a world unto itself. Still we must ask it because it becomes one of the most relevant words in the way that we see the world today even as its very concept is inverted by any reality, that is to say most things are not happening, action is the least aspect of reality but then it beats all other aspects due to its ability to capture spectacle.

Action! Action! is naturally kinetic, we know that, you don’t dare imagine a passive action, there aren’t any, the moment a catalysts excites itself enough to make a difference in any aspect, chemical, biological, emotional, physical, etc., an event is unfolding, an action is taking place, and the very dynamic of such calls a great many other things into effect, and each other thing or entity that is called into action will invariably resist at first, just a little, all things will at first resist any action coming their way to incite them, and this will subtract the forward impetus of such and any action, either in time or space or even in something as common as gossip, the further away from inception, and the more entities it encounters the greater its dismissal potential, thus all action begins at full kinetic potency, and begins to end either through the resistance it encounters through distance and time or through the resistance that it musters through collusions.

What that means is something rather profound and it is an axiomatic conclusion, all action is finite!

Any time you can know something for sure it is a good thing, and this invariably is because infinite energy is not say impossible, but it requires such intense level of participation from so many varying aspects and from so many dimensions and from so many entities that in the end you know someone in the universe, or something in it will invariably offer the resistance necessary to trip up any type of infinite action. This is so because: All infinite actions require that all cosmic entities be in agreement. If any cosmic entity is not going to further stimulate the action and allow it to proceed on in its way with the least amount of resistance possible, so that it can obtain 90 percent infinity, then the action will greater collapse.

When all participants are in agreement you get the longevity of the universe, with any certainty the universe is 80 percent infinite, maybe a little less, but about that, and that is because everything within universe is in agreement with universe and doesn’t have a problem with it and thus doesn’t resist universe or at least resist’s universe as least as it can. So that Sun has nothing but to benefit from the existence of solar systems and galaxies and thus it needs universe and it is not willing or able to question that idea; and the same follows for sentient beings, you have absolutely nothing to benefit from the disappearance of universe; it is in fact your greatest fear, that it could disappear and that is why you tend to believe in an infinite entity that will conspire to recreate universe at will, when the universe puts a period to its long run-on expression.

What can obtain any greater sustainability than the 80% obtained by universe? Interestingly enough the nothingness runs right up to 90 percent infinity or so simply because it offers the least resistance and in fact the nothingness is so resistance free that it is mostly in everything and actually the basic ingredient of us all is nothingness; but because it disperses as quickly as anyone tries to touch it, because it refuses to make a name for itself, because it prefers to simmer and not cause any altercation at all, because it refuses any and all cumulative effects, and because it will not react, it will not be catalysts, then the nothingness is the closest of us all to infinity, 90 percent there for sure. And mind you that this is so because it is the least action.

Now I think that makes us ponder about that additional 10 percent, and it makes us ponder another thing, is the nothingness greater than universe? Obviously so, the universe is 10% less capable of infinity as oppose to the nothingness, and it is a whole 20 percent less capable of infinity overall, so that universe falls short and this is a good thing for us because a subconsciousness is primed in the nothingness and not in universe. That is to say that a subconsciouness like ours is first a subconsciousness and before that a primal desire in the heap of the nothingness as conjured before the idea of universe, so that the universe has to have a subconsciousness of some sort before it even primes itself into existence, that would imply that a subconsciousness is inherent in the nothingness, however undetectable as it ought not register but slightly above any nothingness murmur. That is you cannot touch it there: It is ever to be expressed. It will have to formulate its own expression. That is to say my most dear souls that the primal actions that expresses any type of desire and subconscious essence will have to have the gravitas enough to altercate its own existence! That is it will have to be able to hatch itself, it will have to be able to be a prime mover, it will have to be the recipient of its own self contained, that is non-catalytic reaction, something quite impossible by most measures; and it must; and it must do so precisely all of everything to inquire its action in an instant less than a plank length, that is before time and space.

Now the fact that a prime catalyst and effect agent has to be able to be self primed or that is combustible without oxygen, or persistent without space and time is in itself a duty free feat so that it doesn’t transgress in time-space and so it has an infinite potential to do so, that is to spark the desire of its own existence; that is the probability of its own existence becomes so amazingly possible that it is met over and over again so that you can have an infinite set of universes and an infinite set of essences types, even if they are themselves all finite, or at least 50% finite, because the desire of inception gets coiled and hampered and stuck with the universal entanglements of all the desire expressions living their particular essence circumstance.

Action then is really what we view as effect, because as creatures of space-time we could not possibly view or even imagine prime actions, when something moves without a push, when something moves without a pull, when something can wait forever and still have plenty of time left, when something can divine itself from an absolute nothingness, primed by pure raw desire and thus give entangled impetus to others, even as it will not matter in a meter or matter in matter because everything that diffuses from it is already a sort of dead action, the resulting wave, for we are all the tail end reflection of a prime event, and we cannot look back, our future is forwards, and forwards, but our march is towards the last point of resistance where from exhaustion our primed action will have exulted itself.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Actualized, Non Actualized and First Spirits

I think we have to think of the self and the self in relationship to the aspect of reincarnation, a troubling process because a lot of people don't believe in reincarnation even as they themselves are reincarnated, that is of course most of them; but that is also not to say that there aren't people that aren't reincarnated, there are "first spirits," and there are "actualized spirits," and then there are spirits that are "none actualized," and so you have these significant variances and they cease to be wholly significant because the very types that you would address on the matter do not themselves believe in it. And that they don't is in fact a sign of good health in their part as it serves no purpose, in this or most any other life to remember all your other lives. Of course we can assume that a god for instance is someone that remembers all his other lives, which would logically include any and all the life of others, you and I and so forth. And we can correctly assume that anyone that remembers more than one life is a being that has reached some form of self realization, and from there it follows that one can acquire the wisdom to deal with the realism brought about my remembrance of things pasts, specially because if you have had more than one life, your very uniqueness is brought into question, I mean which you are you going to like?

Also I think it important to mention this, it is also necessary to take into account that there are individuals that are fully realized even though they do not remember their previous existences, usually these beings are fully realized within a singular existence because they are not at war or shall we say in conflict with their essence being nature as it reflects through present, past or future. These beings can be distinguished because of their certainty of self, however it is difficult to opt to be this type of being, or it might not be desirable for any given set of probable life variables.

We shall thus discuss the aspect of our being then from a more narrowly defined perspective, that is from the aspect of the temporal life that you and we are happening to be experiencing at this time, and hope somehow that that will draw some kind of binary correlation that might be sustainable not only in real life but also in our minds.

In the first we must just put it bluntly, there are people that are born in their times such are the common folk for they don’t have to think about the way they go about their lives; there are people that are born before their times such as prophets or philosophers and they have to thnk and think hard to realize their lives; and there are people that are born after their times such as are historians and diplomats and they can mostly relax as theya re living a priori and just recollecting or acting upon collectables.

The most common is people that are born in their times, these by nature would tend to be the common folk, usually termed as the masses and it could be any of us all, generally what defines the mass is obviously what appears to be their complacency, which it isn’t really, they actually work harder than anyone to produce the modern, or real time current world where all visionaries and archivists must stand upon, but because they, the masses, are usually in agreement with current world affairs or the status quo, and have no incoherence with it, they accept it precisely as it is for what it is, and have not an inkling of an itch to want radical change, fact is they don't want change at all, even if their lot is in a slum or ghetto they are still likely to continue such existence rather than struggle against it. And frankly why would they want to change something that is wholly in agreement with their state of being and their essence priori, they wouldn't. It is only the academics and the visionaries that see the mass as complacent and yet none of them work harder than it to produce and super impose reality upon as all, a must mass for any historian or visionary to process their ridiculous idealisms or philosophies.

The historians love the past because they were born in the tail end or well beyond their times such as paleontologists; historians for their part are gifted at figuring out what happened before, they sense it, they feel it, they have a good ability to intuit historical happenings; people born after their times are easily discerned as anthropologists or evolutionary scientists, or as bureaucrats that can think a memo innovative. They will always be a step behind and they will equally be more gifted at capitalizing on the steady moment to be captured, the none moving participle. These group also comprises a much to be admired lot, the diplomats; they are naturally given to diplomacy because of their sense of history, nothing but a profound insight into the folly and grandeur of history makes a diplomatic essence, and it is magnificent to watch how they are quick to assume a neutral posture in exchange for a trifle piddling, it is in their habit sensitive anachronistic nature to do so.

We come to those born before their time, there are the prophets oh these are a fine lot, you can pile them in with the futurist and even with the optimist or visionaries, no sense of history, no archival fact faults them or slows them down, they have little insight into the pasts and much less into the present which to them is mostly a hindrance, they live for the future and will work aimlessly and tirelessly towards seemingly unobtainable or unrewarding objectives, posterity needs to be greatfull to this lot even as it is the masses that cater to present day reality that cuddle these unfortunates. Obviously in this lot you find a great many, the optimism makes the bull market and the collector of classics, arts, stamps or any other fodder is fully funded on future prospects; consumerism, savagely musters a great deal of faith in an ever reoccurring fountain of finance; and then there are the prophets, that basically count on tomorrow being here, on the earth not dying out from a sudden whatever disruption, the prophets not only bank on the future they dare to predict its outcome, and glory in their tenacity which generally undermines the common or shall we more appropriately call it the current good; why everyone that believes in the future will invariably undermine the present will invariably be a premature future entity.

Now the mass, as much as we want to say something on their behalf there is not much to say as the very idea of "mass" subordinates any demarcation, after all who inst a member of the mass, why even a prophet and a diplomat have to pay rent and utility and transport and medical bills and so they are largely somehow or other tied to the bloody deed of daily existence from which they will generally profit little. But this serves to point to a degree in any of us to be a member of the present, with greater or not tendencies towards the future or past based on our birth occurrence, which may indeed have a bit of folly in it.

Now we have mentioned three character types, those in the mass aggregate that habit the here and now, those in the least great majority that leave in the past, and are therefore conservative, and those in the least of all majority that is all those that live for posterity and have essence types that branch towards the predictive outcome.

It is not however something, as you might imagine predicated on the here and now, it is instead based on their essence priori, that is where they were before their essence manifested into the corporeal body being. Essence as we have said is all-emotive but then there is experienced essence and none experienced essence and then there is essence that has simply experienced something completely different and thus might appear wholly inexperienced thought it isn’t. We shall thus speak of each here according to their categorical alignment.

First spirits are those that come into being for the very first time that is that they never existed in a corporeal physical form and have thus no memory to be had of it and no experience in it. Obviously they will be naive, they just don't know and will just generally not get this life, it takes a couple of times on earth to get it, "firsts spirits" will generally be at a loss, they will make for wonderful poets, musicians, actors, comics, for everything will be so hurtful to them, so primitive, so barbarous, and then there will be others that will make for great movie stars, equally naive but completely thoughtless, based on pure impulse and given to sycophantic attraction because they want to be liked and accepted, obsessive energy their must, but they shall do well when things go well for them but mostly tragic when it goes tragic for them as events, perhaps because of entropy, tend to favor tragic ends, and so many of these will just end up being boring romantics.

None actualized spirits will invariably be spirits that have been around for a while in the general cosmic background, that is that they will have other aspects of representations tied to their essence representation but they will not have manifested on the earth and so they will generally not be precisely a fit, more at odds with the world but will surely have something original to contribute, they will tend to be geniuses, or unique and insightful as leaders or eccentric inventors, this because of their alternate dimensional experience, which allows them to see not only the greater picture but possible outcomes. They will not feel that they belong, life will be generally easy to none actualized spirits, but it will generally be lonely as they will not have a lot in common with the lot except for the obvious fact that they set the premises of future agendas and will suffer preferential treatment for it, while being emotional recluses and socially avoided or miss trusted as misunderstood.

Actualized spirits are obviously the norm, they will have spent a few life times on earth and will not be at great conflict with it, the world will mostly make sense to them and they will just repeat the process of existence without much a do about it, however they will also neglect to acknowledge a great many deeds and be blind to many misdeeds perpetrated against them, by others or even by their own actions, this is the lot that could drop a bomb on another human being and not see any karma-boomerang effect from it, this is the type that will execute the orders give them without flinching and even give the orders themselves; for this lot remorse from a moral perspective is a reconcilable variable, in other words their moral or religious view, and its commandments will allow for variance in behaviors creating a manageable work and live ethic.

Whether or not you are bound or belong to your times is the tough questions, the matter is that timing in the universe is a tough act, there are only so many windows of opportunity to be born, there are only so many options to get the right parents, and even if you pick the right parents and the right era you could still end up in the wrong geography because your timing of reentry into the earth could be muscled by random circumstance, and so the predicate of your existence is based on many subtleties, and some not so subtle outcomes.

The general rule is: if you have lived many lives and you are being reincarnated at the time of the manifestation for a principle that was just in its gestation phase in your last life, then you will fare well because you will have been subjected to a primer of the abject elements in its primordial state, and you will then be born into your time, you will have an intuitable comprehension of the goings and happenings, and will innately react to them without thinking and thus you will have an advantage in such a climate.

If you are born before your times, that is preempted into a world where you don't belong you will be generally discombobulated, you will try to change it, and you might just bring change to it, even if it is through destruction, otherwise you will just be damn good at predicting the future, something that you will always miss out on, just by a little bit.

And finally if you are born after your times, you will be all right, a worse case scenario makes you a conservative, a reactionary, a protectionists, and a best-case scenario an anthropologist, biologist, ecologists and even a wonderful historians.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Straight and Curved Spiraling Emotive

What does a person feel what does a person feel about others or can a person actually recognize feelings in others?

We start with the premise that all sentient essence is of the same fabric and one of the same throughout its entire corpus, even if there has been fragmentation all parts of the essence instantaneously communicate with all of its parts, and there are no distinctions between parts so as much as something that feels can detect feeling then it feels itself feeling, and has the ability to feel that in any condition of the feeling agent even as it has been disrupted by time and space dilations.

A person cannot feel themselves as an abstract, that is to say that a person cannot imagine themselves without feeling, any creative or even work functional aspects of a person are all based on a feeling that the person has realized or subjugated, in the case of realized it could be a passion and in the case of subjugation it could be a discipline, not forgetting that discipline too can equal a passion as has amply been demonstrated by passionate militaristic characters throughout history.

Any aspect recognition that a person has of themselves and of their environment and of others is inversely proportional to their capacity to feel themselves, the more you feel yourself the more you feel others, the less you feel yourself the less you feel others. In a particular case, the species has seen it as a benefit to have males, that is sentient beings with less potential to feel, that is with a curved emotive so that they can manage harsh environments, males are thus more capable of destruction because they are apparently unfeeling and thus creatively ruthless, but such is not the case, they are in fact destructive because their ability to feel has been curved and so they become violent in order to feel, that is they are trying to find the straightest path to feeling, they are trying to break the limitations of their feelings, something which is acknowledge by their endemic feminine subconscious but cannot be acknowledge by their overt masculine characteristic.

A person then has a two step process for feeling dynamic, one is masculine one is feminine, the humanity has an aspect feel potential differential for both, masculine have curved guidelines for feeling and feminine are allowed to roam free sort of speak as much as they can match their potential without coming to harm from the abstract environment. Both women and men do feel differently and their manifestations are thus different because of the curvature of their feeling potential, a woman can feel in a sort of straight line that is always forward, upward and towards infinity, a male will feel like a curved line that continues to weigh upon itself the more it feels until it finally collapses from seeing its own feelings dangling in front of him.

A person can and will feel others then in relationship to their gender bias, men will feel more the systemic relationships, that is those that can be constructed externally for they see their feelings remote, while women will be perceptive to the social or those that can be felt internally as their feelings are inward and thus a cumulative heap. The association of masculine to feeling is thus external and subject to degree of exhilaration while feminine association will be internal and based largely on emotive tonality, that is inward cohesiveness. This also implies correctly that males entice happiness while women may suffer joy.

There is a supra association that determines all social and civic feeling potential and dynamic. We mean by this that the unison of male-curved-emotive, and female-straight-emotive, will spiral around each other to give the aural presence to the overall feeling potential of the given, relationship, family, group, tribe, culture, society, nation, and civilization culminating in the unison humanity, all which in their own spheres may manifest different emotive quantifications based on the realized potentials of the Straight and Curved Spiraling Emotive. SCSE.

The entire scope of any of these particulars being able to feel themselves or one another is derived from how the emotive manifestations intersect with one another to cumulative effect, and thus as a whole they hold each other captive which is why few if any can escape their times.

It is then possible for us to feel ourselves, and another but only in an inverse absolute, that is how much are we willing to feel, how much are we prepared to stomach the consequences of feeling as a whole, and there are minor discrepancies between the feeling potential of a given group and the individual, that is to say that generally individuals will have marginal and diminutive control of their ability to feel themselves and by consequence one another.

Now regardless of how the manifestation of emotive essence represents itself in the material world the whole of it is based on a prime-emotive, and it will behave always as if it were trying to construct an emotive world, to feel more, to touch more, towards greater expression, this is because the horizon of all sentient beings is emotive, it is ultimately inward looking towards the essence which gave us all our prime desire to exists. And the pretty irony here is that none of the emotive parts seeking to see out there what is within are not going to find it because out there is space and time.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Of That Which Cannot Exists In A Reality Which It Observes

Perhaps the one question that is the easiest to answer is where it’s most difficult to believe the very answer.

Things are touching each other, everywhere and anywhere within the context of universe all things are right up against each other, within and dimensionally stacked on top of one another. This is what makes the universe so difficult to observe, everything is in everything sort of speak and so it is difficult to separate this from that, so much so that most of what science knows is based on observation, but observation not of what it claims to observe but rather of an indirect observation through the aspect behavior of something else.

Whatever scientists are telling us about the neutrino it’s not because they have seen one, it is because they have seen the results of neutrinos colliding with something else, not the neutrino itself! There have been reports that when a neutrino crashes against reality that it will scatter and produce nth number of decay elements or downwardly evolving energy properties that will be predictable and observable under very specific and detailed frames of references.

But every observation is merely a stack of interactions that have hardened in some conscious process. When scientists ask for funding for yet another more powerful super-super-hadron-collider what they are really asking for is for the ability to observe mightier and unchained energy reactions, that will invariably single themselves out through massive energy concentrations, read heat, to the point where it will all yield to the singularity of branching forces. That is to say that the assumption is made that the hotter things get the more and more they become as one, and that it is only cooling that separates all energy properties and forces so that at the highest possible temperature there is technically only one constituent elemental property; reaching the glorious assumption that the higher the energy the more together everything is until there is no separation or entity between things; that at last given maximum heat, the electromagnetic, the weak and strong force, and somehow even gravity will merge into one.

It is through this type of indirect observation, based on a hypothesis that can only be made through a normalization, i.e. ignoring the wrinkles, of what might be considered an intrusive reality, all that so as to observe and measure and thus to experimentally prove a less persistent or obvious but more genuine reality. Today we know about anti matter and matter largely because we have observed many indirect processes. And that leads us here to have to define an objective reality! Something which fools have stated has to be independent of us, that is that we may not exist in a reality that we can observe! This is why scientists like to reach absolute zero and absolute maximum temperatures, so they can know what being least like us is like, so that they can postulate a universe that is wholly empirically predictable.

Mind you however that in whatever guise our essence, we are energy constructs and so far no one has observed a none energy construct, nor gone outside and beyond the coldest and the hottest temperatures, nor have we ever found a genuine nothingness. Every thing in our universe radiates, ENERGY! That means we are like it and it is like us be us there or not; it all yields a closed system, any energy transformation arrived at through a sentient energy extinction would still have to an equivalence representation based on the principle of energy conservation. We then live inside of a box that is made of energy where its limits are defined by heat at one extreme and maximum pressure and at absolute zero which would result in the lowest possible pressure or no pressure, though we don’t seem able to reach either absolute and much less beyond our energy box, so that in conclusion we personify a radiation, and even as we are cool we are far from nearing the edge of an energy based existence. We might not be able to suffer an energy death.

What is real? Any valid empirical test of an objectified truth will be observable in the same light and manner from varying frames of references, once subtracted distortional properties have been normalized. This objectified principle will then produce the same general aspect observations and comments so that its independence from personalized judgment can thus be axiomatically constructed and reconstructed without the priori of judgment.

So we can easily postulate the emphatic outcry of those that would have a reality exists without us in it as: autonomous, all genuinely real things must exist independently of the observer and as independent from one another.

We are going to disrupt that fancy as axiomatically and truthfully maximally improvable. Imagine yourself swinging a bat at a ball, if you can then swing a bat at a ball it is because you can think it, thus the action and the bat and the ball are all mates in some context of existence and the entire process is interconnected but it unleashes a thread of interdependencies from parents creating a person that can slam a homerun, society evolving the mastery of carpentry to conjure the bat maker and the bat, creating the optimal physical version of the ball by turning raw material-mass into a set of temporal reality constructs that can be spun and arched through gravity, all the way down to the strategy laden baseball field, and the hotdog energy fed to the fans and players so they can slam and applaud the ball, and even the descriptive of the action, swing, strike, hit and run, is and are all the culmination of a wholly amazing dynamic that is constructed purely and entirely on the basis of friction and observation.

Someone observed that games could be played in a field, that bases and defining line markers could be put on grass, someone observed the bat idea, another person created the process for making bats and balls, yet another, intentionally and unintentionally conjured an entire distribution channel, etc; an entire dynamic and therefore not restricted to one particular cornerable realism mandate, reality must be autonomous, there is nothing autonomous in any of the processes that lead to a homerun, why the very act of slamming a ball with a bat is based on competitiveness, and baseball itself is a passion that fans all over the world desire to play!

All this intricate layer of processes does effect the referee, as any referee will have a bias framed of reference, the only thing you can do is reduce that bias by policing the referee, but let us say more, the standards book of baseball guidelines and rules states that the referee must be neutral while passing judgment of competing teams, for it is assumed that fair judgment is a fundamentally independent property, that is it is autonomous, but let us take the referee in the context that he exists; in orbit around the baseball game a referee circumvents the fans, all the fans and the players and the baseball franchise owners are meeting a mutual interactive dependence that creates the game, that is to say you cannot have a referee independent of fan, team and franchise owners judgment nor would you want such thing; and therefore you cannot exist outside of the context of even something as removed as sport is from baseball or even further still humanity, and trees made of wood, or balls made of gut and leather, and you can even tie the baseball stadium all the way back to Greeks and Romans and before that, and so there is a whole solar system of activities that lead to the game and that lead to judgments about the game and that indeed effect the outcome of the day; if the lead pitcher had a fight with his wife that morning, he is not going to be playing his best, and when he arrives at the stadium he tells the first basement that “life is all screwed up” that will leave a lingering emotion that the first basement will carry through in the game and so the score.

Even if we assume, in some grandiose way, that realism applies at some massively cosmic level we only get everything wrong with it then. This is because when you macro-scale the universe you actually get less of it, everything is fundamentally based on atomic and subatomic principles which embody all greater principles so there is no point on postulating that baseball balls and baseball players and earth mass are autonomous when none of them are autonomous of quarks or of Up and Down and Charm and even baseball’s Hall of Fame depends on anti matter, all concepts which we only know and understand through a thing about little things, quantum.

We have to thus conclude that the only way there can be genuine autonomy in the earth and universe, is if we focus on just one isolated thing, and we are of course the one that can encircle it and sterilize it and make it autonomous with our thoughts. We may only do that with brain because brain has the capacity to categorize, isolate and sterilize, and so we can actually agree that there is something perilously autonomous, that is, brain is thinking autonomously, and we ought be worried about that.

It serves us here well to note that this is not to say that there aren’t realities that are indeed independent of us, wholly autonomous and truthfully real, for indeed there are, in fact probably most things that exists and have existed have no contextual need or association with us sentient beings, but these things we cannot recognize, these things that are autonomous of us are not observable and cannot even be discerned, the fact that we see means that we radiate, touch and effect, and there is an unseen touching, and an unseen subconsciousness, and we are just the surface result of so much more, but of that of which we are nothing, touches us not, needs us not, has no cognitive experience within our lot and wouldn’t even acknowledge us, at all.

Of that which cannot exists in a reality which it observes, cannot exist. Such it is.

Ricardo ©

Friday, August 25, 2006

When Something Is Infinitely Impossible It Becomes Minutely Possible

As we have seen there are an incredible magnitude to aspects of consciousness and subconsciousness, and any exploration of such realms requires one to be aware infinitely, we are of course not there yet and the whole charade of existence will most likely be over before we acquire what can be called an infinite awareness of cosmic awareness, it is easier then to say that we wont obtain it and that the species, as we know it to be, human, might not comprehensibly reach such an objective.

We are thus going to tell you here that regardless of what the Buddhist and the Hindus tell you, even if you recycle yourself endlessly into existence you are never going to obtain maximums consciousness in the state of species and much less so in the condition of homo sapient, with the outmost certainty there is a probability that the human race in its entirety, as registered in this planet earth, has the potential to be a supra cosmic consciousness, fully realize and fully aware of itself, however with the outmost certainty that is not possible because the constructs of the material and the constructs of human will not permit that, you are not here to awaken to your supra cosmic consciousness, this is not about you converting to Christianity or Buddhism or reaching a cosmic endeavor, that isn’t the point! We all know a politician and a rock star are far, far away from salvation, eternal bliss or even local happiness, but those thinking that St Augustine or the Mother Teresa were closer are correct but mostly wrong, both saints were closer but not by more than a meter or two, that is they could not and did not have the soul ability to distort their reality enough to reach any kind of beyond-awareness their principality of consciousness is that they were both good fund raisers for their particular church, why that alone is a mark against them! In the annals of the universe their continued alms raising through their memoirs will register against them, cosmic consciousness is haplessly dislocated, it assumes a superposition, it never decoheres and therefore it can never even associate with the material much less with collectibles.

So in some ways those that say that when you reach supreme awareness of all and in everything that you cease to be born, they are indeed correct, you wont be born again once you realize what life is about but not because you have reached a euphoric state of awareness but rather because you will know better than to be born; this thing life is not an optimally wonderful choice, when a soul makes a choice to be born and to express itself in the material it is making that choice in ignorance and if it is not in ignorance then it is making it because it is no different than a coal miner going down deep into the danger mine to feed his family above.

We are not saying this so as to deprive you of the worthy quest of searching for spiritual validation on this earth, it is possible, but when it does come around nothing like you will be around to observe it or practice it. This is because you bring a set of limitations into being and these are mostly fully realized by the time you are born, hence the reason why progress of any kind is so slow, hence why thinking out of the box is so difficult, and since life operates on peer review and thus peer approval is important, it is all preconceived and smothered with chocolate.

What we are saying is that if the composition of your being manifested itself with a need to know, awareness will be secondary and the limitation will be reinforced by your knowledge seeking self, every time you want to know something you are refusing awareness and accepting knowledge in its stead. It is therefore more likely that you will continue to amass an encyclopedic mind, more likely that the laws and practices that you create and base upon that categorical knowledge will become your reference point for a localize awareness, and as such will further encroach your possibility for awareness.

Till in the end you will have reached a sort of critical mass of knowledge, you will know all of the universe, you will be all knowing, and you will be able to move the universe by strapping a couple of ion engines to one of the clustered arms of the Milky Way, but you will not be aware of the harm that this will do, it will not hurt you, and you will not feel it, and you will be born again and again into your world, while a few souls, will escape, as some souls will invariably refuse to be born, their essence will be so subdued, it will reach a very insignificant amount of excretion energy, where it will not be able to surmount any obstacles, but in a miracle will tunnel through them and disappear at the other end. When something becomes infinitely impossible it becomes minutely possible.

That is to say you can become wholly aware but you are going to need a miracle to do it and to be ready for that miracle you must not have read any newspapers or contaminated yourselves with the wants and trivial doings of the day. If you read about murders and rapes and if you become aware of mass graves, and if you listen to the productivity ringing wall street, you will be at a miracle experiencing impassivity edge; miracles will be for you implausible, if you want to get close to a miracle you have to get away from the mundane of everyday, and in the process of releasing yourself to the awareness of the universe you will lose yourself, most people always hold on to the rails and thus they stay on track.

That is all of the bad news we are going to give you today.

Ricardo ©

The Fem-Emotive & Irrational Desire

This topic is rather succinct and we shall not spend too much time explaining it because if the subject is not natively understood by the audience it is not going to be possible to make a logical argument on its behalf because there isn’t one; besides that there is nothing to be had from winning the argument and not winning it isn’t going to cost us or lose us anything either. It thus behooves us to ignore it but we will show some guts by jotting down standard formulations.

The fem-emotive is an essence fundamental of the irrational desire scream that formulates the existence of sentient creatures, so that you have an instant essence representation that is brought to absolute unity in action, through the irrational-feminine-emotive-desire. (IFED)

The IFED defies all neutral processes and has as a prime objective essence representation and essence acknowledgement, this gives it another strange characteristic, it doesn’t, because it cannot, consider consequences, all essence manifestations mandate blind trust, this is fundamental to the fem-emotive; bare in mind that the primal desire scream hasn’t a preconception of what is at the other side of existence. The manifestation of energy representation is volcanic and not prone to prudence, hence the reason why existence in the corporeal world is fascinating, there was naught to know what to expect of this when souls embarked on a material quest.

The emotive as its fundamental essence has two distinct abilities to feel or to use that feeling to curtail feeling, either is a form of feeling, the intensity of discipline being an example of an emotive energy being used to constrict same. Logic is another representation of a constrained emotive energy restricting itself so as to harness absolutes. The most destructive emotive expressions result from an extreme pressurization of emotive energies that collapse their own restraint.

Only emotive energy can effect emotive energy, only emotive energy can resist emotive energy and only emotive energy can react to its own presence.

All emotive energies are instantaneously in subconscious synchronicity throughout the universe, however there may well be a latency in common awareness because awareness is not a prerequisite for irrational processes to eventuate. The distance that space and time offer does not circumvent this reality, all emotive is one emotive and as such reacts to all emotive consciousness, regardless of their particulars, as one.

Desire is the prime mover of all irrationals and the feminine is its most somatic irrational. There are no values or principles behind the IFED endeavor beyond the conscription of existence as a fundamental principles, all representations exist and as such have a prime desire to do so and have completed their prime objective, anything else that they do beyond that, in the context of existence is not an essence fundamental, morality would not be a fundamental construct of any and all aspirations for representations, however the moral universe is constructed by an essence desire to continue in a particular direction of existence representation, it is real as long as it furthers that it collapses if it doesn’t.

All IFED processes have an internalized guidance that lounges outwardly, the environment is not taken into consideration, it is even very difficult for it to see the external as it is not a guiding principle of desire, which is why it uses knowledge, which mandates a great deal of emotional constriction because it explores an unemotional external, the equivalent of holding your breath when something stinks, that is knowledge being the least feeling aspect of the fem-emotive co-opted to reach out and touch the unfeeling aspect of universe.

The greater the feminine intuition the more inward looking and the more concentrated and thus the stronger the manifestation of its emotive essence. All constrained representations of desire will be represented by the deprived male, maleness is a neutered emotive, made insensitive so that it cannot object to touching and working and enduring in the external world; maleness is thus all outward looking.

There has been sufficient deterministic evolution to say with some that the feminine can sustain and engender male attributes sufficiently so that it isn’t necessary to continue biological maleness and, others have said as much, maleness as the shortsighted solution that it is, can also be short listed for it ought not endure in an evolutionary context. As a further blow to maleness, as if we hadn’t kicked it enough, while the feminine can acquire male traits through psychological processes and in essence remain female, thus it is a reversible process, the same is not true for testosterone driven maleness as that is a biological process which implies that any reversal of its attributes observe insurmountable challenges, and these biological obstacles translate to the male brain, which means that even a psychological regression, for males, is quite impossible; simply put males cannot assume female attributes while females can and may if they so wish adopt psychological maleness and even reverse the process, and that is why DNA based maleness becomes first obsolete and then extinct in any long term.

We will note here that the above is a perfect example of a subconsciousness, in this case female subconsciousness, using physical expressions, in order to explore possibility and when it establishes an acceptable comprehension and stability in a given context it will then take over the responsibility on its own terms. Thus at first it was necessary to make males in order to endure and test an environment but after the external feedback is collected within the species subconsciousness the male aspect off that experience can be reconstructed into the feminine essence and so the masculine explorer can be silenced; not because its attributes are no longer necessary but because they have been absorbed into the feminine essence psyche.

All IFED processes are internally consistent with one another, even if there are logical or observable contradictions, the irrational desire takes all awareness into consideration always, and it reacts to the maximum possible whim, regardless of how that will effect individuals, institutions or for that matter a particular specie. You can easily observe that the Dinosaurs and the Dodos were expendable because their essence type would be reincarnated through a different aspect desire essence; in fact there might be more humans now because of the redirection of Dodo bird essence into human essence.

From here all deductions of any given emotive, IFED process can be made; keeping in mind that awareness is not a prerequisite for an asymptotic subconsciousness throughout emotive essence. None emotive deductions are impossible, the secularists, objectifiers and logicians are just suffering from an auto-immune illness that makes them unaware of how much passion and emotion it takes to construct an objective and secularist world.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Fem-Emotive & Cosmic Gender

It is strange to have to say this but souls have gender, there are female souls and male souls and androgynous souls but after many a metaphysical essence feeling there can be no doubt that sex is a priori condition based on soul essence!

That is a difficult thing to accept, you want to imagine that the soul is neutral that it is the place where every characteristic becomes one with the whole, but it isn’t souls have gender and once you know that you can deduce many fascinating things. For instance you can deduce that souls are not a prime essence construct, that is to say that souls are not in and of themselves a final deconstructed essence, that is they are neither elemental or fundamental they come from something else, because you have to assume a somatic essence that constitutes souls, and somatic essence cannot have gender.

Why couldn’t we have it that all the universe be gender based as a whole in its entirety? We are not against that, and in fact we are going to say that the universe appears to have gender in the same way that it has polarity, all over and everywhere, however we are going to conclude that something prior to gender also permeates the universe, in the ether, or the Higgs field, either one by name and concept suits us well, but in the Higgs field there isn’t gender, there isn’t polarity, the Higgs field has the ability to interact so as to give mass and dynamic force to entities and so I will say that our Ether, will do same, it may sympathetically manifest male or female or androgynous essence but it has neither to begin with.

Souls have gender, it still doesn’t feel good to think that, not that thinking ever should feel good, but it feels more terrible to think that gender is not something determined at birth, it is in fact a priori of the soul that opts to be born, that means that even as the zygote can technically be purely feminine for the first eight weeks after conception, the reality is that the soul mechanisms that trigger pregnancy have already preprogrammed themselves to kick off the appropriate proteins, amino acids, etc. so as to trigger maleness at the opportune moment such as it is deigned. This will create a problem for biological alterations of the process, it may imply that you can change the biology but it might not transfer to soul, thus you can imagine a female biology with a male soul. Or, and this two may happen there might be enough anticipation that a soul is able to revert or change during the early stages of conception.

Of course one can imagine that if the parents want a little girl that the spirit of a little girl would tend to have an easier tendency and path towards those parents which are manifesting such desire. But there is a sort of damper when that precious requirement meets desire ideals, that is there is a birth dynamic just as much as there is a birth desire, the birth desire is manifested by souls and parents, parents want to have a child, and a soul wishes to be born, there is no shortage of either though there is a physical limitation based on our social and tribal logistical ability to allow for reproduction in accordance with environmental factors. The damper is that when a soul defines its entrance into the cycle dynamic which transfers spirit to world, that is transcurrence, the dynamic follows intent but not too closely so that a soul could end up with the wrong parents, with parents that didn’t want a baby girl but a boy, it could even end up with parents that didn’t want children and suffered the accident of a surprise and this is just counting that the little girl succeeds in being born to the right parents and was not switched at the hospital through the actions of some careless nurse. Plenty of things can go wrong in our universe, plenty.

Now let us take something into consideration, souls are then a manifestation of something else that is manifested from the primal desire scream, and let me apologize because we have to keep on discovering layers and layers before we get to species and humans but it is just part of the process.

The problem is one of the vacuum, there is nothing in empty space, then there is the desire for definition that primes itself out of the nothingness, now we know that there are at least three types of nothingness, the nothingness where all things simmer, the nothingness before that which is a pure vacuum with apparent zero force-energy interactions, and the raw nothingness which is the one that is wholly accessible to us even as we come from it, for it is a priori to anything else. Souls come after the vacuum, that is emotive energy as manifested may exist in the vacuum but it doesn’t personify as soul until after the vacuum comes into existence, the vacuum we can easily argue is boundless and endless for all practical observations, and it doesn’t have gender! I am just loving that, it doesn’t have gender.

The only thing we have to then answer is where then, in what physical consequence is the soul born, we know that there is a division of simmering essence nothingness and that gives rise to individual soul essence but where in the dimensional universe does that take place, and this is what the fascinating answer is, the moment space-time is born then soul essence is born too, because the soul essence is nothing more than a manifestation of time-space too, and how can that be, because time-space is in the vacuum as well, there has to be space-time in a vacuum, because the vacuum is presumably full and overflowing with Higgs Field particles, and the Higgs field itself sums zero or .0000000001 and right next to zero, that means it is not nothing it is simply as close to nothing as you can get without getting there!

Now the ether is a pretty neat thing and it has been in the supra-consciousness of our species for a little longer than the Higgs field in the form of the Ether, metaphysicians love the Ether and physicists love the Higgs field, but the end result is the same, it is everywhere even in the vacuum and while it appears to be nothing when something is put inside of the vacuum the whole thing comes dynamically to life in the form of dynamic-mass, force of interaction, we cannot see the Ether, we cannot see the vacuum, we might not even be able to detect the Higgs field particle but for one wonderful emotional thing, interaction! Interaction that defines everything by giving it gravitas.

We must now conclude that the vacuum is inside of us too, we must now conclude that the ether and the Higgs field is also within us because we have a soul and the soul is a constituent of space-time and so is your body. There is just one little problem with that, I like it and it sounds good and it probably works, but we are not scientists just because something works doesn’t mean that it is true, and we must go back because we don’t believe that sentient essence, emotive essence constitutes every aspect of the universe, it may constitute the superposition but it cannot in the end be in all things, choices are made, dynamics follow chaotic patterns that make decisions without predetermination, there is such a thing as a real unknown, and if we draw the simple and obvious conclusion that the vacuum is an endemic part of us and space-time then we are saying that we are everywhere and that we are everything and it is not the intent of this book or philosophy to be so closed minded, in fact one of the fundamental premises of this tome is that there isn’t anything special about us in the context of the essences that habit universe, so it would be contrarian to say so now, and we wont.

Instead what we are going to say is that we don’t have an out here, there is something that physically makes us part of everything that is matter and there is an emotive essence that is not fundamentally part of that all matter, and we don’t know how or when that judgment call is made in the context of essence representation. But the one thing that we do know is that matter and soul have severe and molestfull lines of demarcation between them, and we know this because we know that your brain doesn’t have a soul, your soul makes brain using constituencies of desire and matter, and it powers it up and it makes it think in the physical world, but remember that we know that matter as that which is represented by space-time energy representations is not wholly favorable to our representation in the pure material hence why it is so difficult to maintain body in the context of world, hence why we fall ill so frequently and easily, hence why it requires boundless work energy to survive and why it is easier to perish and why entropy appears so god damn predominant!

But soul is different, how is it different? It is emotive energy and so now we are going to say something else, the physical body cannot be natively emotive, your physical passions are part of space-time realizations, they are conjured out of a precarious base of conjectures which are not self sustainable, so that soul is paramount here, and soul would have some explaining to do in the matter of why it bothers with existence. But now we must go one step more complicated at what point then does this soul become gender oriented and let us say that here is a preordained axiom, the fact that soul has gender implies that soul like physical body has another priori that is more real than it, because any sort of division is not an evolution but a devolution from greater concepts, greater concepts always frame default parameters, that implies that they are not in any way able to contest’s their condition nor is anything else for that matter able to do contest it either, in such light the body matter, the body physical cannot challenge soul, its essence will invariably subtract itself back into soul matter, back into metaphysical constructs and it will do so by default.

It is thus obvious that the dichotomy of cosmic gender implies that there is something more substantive behind it all and that such is the more challenging of interests to our curiosity. We do not mean to imply here that wholeness is a mandatory prerequisite for all things, in fact we have observed that the universe as a whole and in its entirety is more of a concept than a giant squid, and we are going to say that the lines of male and female genders may be backwardly compatible to soul they could not possibly be backwardly compatible indefinitely, they would have to coalesce and/or cancel each other at some point in the history of time-space, as pure emotive essence in its simmering outpost is not gender based, further it is here postulated that gender comes to fruition after the initial primal scream manifestation from a simmering emotive into the frustrating differentiation of universe, that is we mean that even at the birth of essence representation in the context of time-space possibility we were represented as a singular essence and this is assumed because it requires too much energy to enter existence prime so that such energy coming in the form of a full fledge desire, will not be divided as that would be too costly for its manifestation, further we will add that in no conceivable construct of the simmering nothingness is there allowance for discrepancy such as those created by gender.

Since we have come to the conclusion that our emotive core essence is genderless we must now make a difficult assumption that gender comes to us as a result of environment, is not a fundamental construct of our essence being, it is the result of a reaction to environment, be it cosmic, universal, timed, space based the formidable conclusion is that gender is constructed out of a reaction with the environment, further we will make the case here that it is no different than having a polarity, as such are also constructs based on interactions and therefore similar in nature, you have a left and right hand, the concept of hands is just the same, the north and the south poles cannot extricate themselves from the concept of polarity, as such we will say that there is a primary feminine emotive tendency in the representation of sentient energy and that there is a subtracted masculine energetic expression, both which are predominantly feminine, meaning that the substantive essence default of all emotive creatures is a feminine construct and that some kind of hindering, some kind of reduction, a reflexive constriction creates a masculine observation.

In conclusion because we like to be clear, when you subtract all the environmental factors from sentient essence you get feminine essence as your default, only the environment can instigate and give birth to masculine essence but masculine essence in and of itself is an aberration of the feminine essence and we can say this with much certainty because all irrational processes are controlled by the feminine, those being the most difficult to control because they are incalculable and thus unpredictable; while all the masculine machinations are based on strategically determining environments and manipulating it accordingly. All localize functions belong to males all social and cosmic functions belong to the feminine. But the prime origins of all souls had to be feminine and after their first instances of existence they could have recycled themselves as masculine and thus given a post birth syndrome equal to masculinity. It could not have been otherwise.

Germination in any state would then principally require a feminine manifestation and more so any level of transcurrence from one state to another state, would have to condition any emotive transference through feminine assimilation; which is precisely why even a masculine-soul would require a feminine zygote so as to enter the material world, and why then the proper activation of masculine traits take place after successful entry into the womb is manifested.

The emotive universe is thus fundamentally feminine our somatic essence is feminine, the further back you go the closer you get to history without a masculine, and at some point there will be no traces of the environment and character driven “y”, and this is an elemental that we may count on, so it doesn’t matter to us what happens before the emotive comes into being because the emotive essence is equally feminine, when it came into being it came into being under a feminine standard, anything before it is irrelevant to our history; and critically it emancipates us from having to subject the emotive to a neutral essence, we will not be able to invest in such fancy because the fem-emotive cannot be deconstructed without taking sentient out of it, the implication is fascinating, we are biased and irrational and feminine from our most primordial origins, our history is the history of a fem-emotive-irrationality!

It is thus here stated feminine is all sentient essence and male is an injured part of feminine essence that reincarnated as such, but that injured part is the one that has come to greatest contact with the material, it is thus physical in nature and action based, while the feminine remains true to our native essence, it is thus optimally guided by aspects of our subconsciousness which are not observable but are more constructive in their guidance of species and humanity at large. Female actions are thus no lesser than male actions but indeed they are greater and more predominant however they are largely unobservable, though to the true feminine they must be very self fulfilling. For male satisfaction will always remain local for he can never default back to his feminine self, not while in the physical, and it appears that in the cosmic sense any transcurrence mandates a sort of temporary disembodiment of male gender that is not sustainable and will invariably revert to the forgone conclusion of maleness once transitions are done. If male souls can determinately and persistently deconstruct themselves into female essence it’s truly doubtful else why would they persist on being masculine.

Ricardo ©

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why The Brain Doesn’t Recognize The Soul?

Now we get into a little tangle when we try to get brain to be one of the measuring instruments of anything that has to do with the metaphysical because the brain doesn’t work for the metaphysical its primary function is to alert the essence being to the happenings of the localize environment, that is its function is primarily a material dynamic function and as such it is not going to cater to the soul or soul matters and as such it will actually try to kill off emotion as this only gets in its way of explaining and acting as it surely thinks it must in the material world.

This is why we have not overtly included brain in the matter of accurate detection though you will have to use brain to detect energies but you cannot count on it to instigate the search for emotive essence nor for it to promote the nurturing of sentient energies, for the brain does not even know or want to know that the emotive is its primary reason for being, the brain in fact refuses to believe this and opts instead to believe that without the emotive elements brain would be better off, this so as to control the goings in material existence.

Now we have to be fair with brain here, it is an instrument of measure that cannot measure emotion, it is an instrument that categorizes and breaks things down into logical structures, it is not designed to deal in unknowns, in things that cannot be quantified and summed and arrested, brain likes things that you can study and know and replicate, it doesn’t like touchy-feely stuff, that is all too fuzzy for it, clarity of essence is important to brain so brain doesn’t want to recognize that there is an unknowable thing partly because that would imply that brain would have no business there, and brain isn’t self destructive, emotion can be self destructive brain doesn’t like the passions for they are very unpredictability, and frankly they are duplicitous for the passions take their stance based on the unpredictable.

However when it is in its very local and miniature world the brain is a formidable strategist and a passionate, if we could use the word, a passionate operative. Let us then here conclude that there are ample reasons to like brain and to have fallen in love with its impressive harvest of knowledge and there is much to be said for the laws it has conjured and the explanations that it has gathered; and one need not go any further than mathematics to know that there is something magnanimously amazing about brain. It has indeed served us well and we ought be ever grateful, the main problem with brain is of course that it cannot see beyond itself and will not recognize feelings even as it is in the final analysis a creation, made so by an emotive essence so as to serve that emotive essence as no better than a global positioning system, and yet brain happens to think more of itself and in this it does dwell so much so that it is actually trying to destroy any linkage that we have to our priori essence metaphysical; it is trying to logically excise our emotions while trying to convince us that logic will solve all of our problems and this without ever- disruptive emotion. This serves brain well it doesn’t serve you and I well, but it serves to justify brain to itself and to its creators as a maximum imperative.

At any time that you are asked, “Can you prove your emotive essence priori?” You know you are talking to a disabling brain, a brain that wants facts and has the necessary questions to gather facts, and we cannot worry you enough in this matter, if you let your brain control you over and above your emotive essence prime, then you will feel less and only have yourself to hate for it. Brain doesn’t know any better and it cannot know any better even as it is the only one that knows.

If you want to know why you favor brain go no further than the complexity of your decision to have a child or to marry, neither which seem terribly complicated, neither which require an immense initial investment but the emotional complexity of either is daunting and just as indeterminable and unthinkable as surely they must be, but logic is simple, thinking is simple, knowing is simpler yet, people prefer that.

It is then recommended that in the process of measuring the apophthegm prophecy and in order to become aware of yourself in the cosmic context as a sentient essence that you might want to ignore your brain a little and say that it can be something else, something other than brain that constructs the edifier of knowledge, that it is something else that inspires logic, but that other thing that constructs logic and a brain to logic at that, doesn’t need brain and much less needs logic, those are things which best manifest themselves in the temporal world and shall accordingly remain temporal for your brain doesn’t have a soul.

Ricardo ©

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How Universal Is The Universe?

There is one thing which we must say about our philosophy which is going to hurt a little bit but it will be a compliment to the complexity and immensity of universe and yet also hurt the universe some but not much. That is our philosophy of Emotive Essence is not all inclusive, not everything in the Universe is an emotive representation nor just hundreds of thousands of time remove from emotive essence, there are many things in the universe that have no need of an emotive essence or philosophy of such, so that there are more non emotive things in their entirety that have no interest or concept of an emotive realm nor have it in themselves that there should or ought be such thing.

This however hurtful implies of course that not only is our emotive essence not universal but in a very large sense localize by nature, as much as something that may in principle exist anywhere in the universe and in infinite dimensions can be local, we are that. But we ought not feel badly about such as all things in the universal context are primarily local and only the Universe is Universal and at that only contextually so. That is to say and we do not mean to mince words here that the Universe, as the collector of things that it comprises is the only universal thing and only so because of what it comprises not because it is in and of itself anything particularly Universal. The logical meaningful extension of that conclusion is that: You will not find the end of the universe no matter how far and wide or within you look, and the dimensions of within become themselves infinite too.

To clarify that simply note this, the universe as a thing is contextually all of the things in it to include for instance space and time as principals but not necessarily so within every aspect of universe though they are perhaps the most vocal. So that what we mean here is that all things in the context of universe have a sort of sum quantifiable essence in such context and that such context does not in any sense demarcate the whole of universe, the universe is then all of its parts but none of its parts equal universe, nor can universe be defined without many of its parts but it doesn’t either take all of its parts to define universe so that quantifiably it could become a monotone-endless.

The universe is then universal meaning infinite for us at our extreme perception as we would have it be were it not for a number of its parts which somehow mount a stage of limitations within our own context so that we are not necessarily everywhere in our universes universality. But as empathy would have it other things by themselves or even a good bunch of them do not hold a universe within their constrains either. It is then correct to imply that universe is universal but there is no absolute definition of that as it remains contextual to observer, but that there is some fundamental element to universe which does indeed differentiate the things within it though it might not have the ability to differentiate itself and this is an inherent aspect of this or any and all universes, if such were possible.

The essences of things which occupy universe will invariably not be in themselves universal, sorry helium and sorry hydrogen and more sorry for empty space which still thinks itself grandest of us all but if it serves space any consolable, pity us for emotive essence is less and any philosophy that attempts to explain such essence infinitesimally far less.

There is far more diversity in the universe than that which we observe or can acknowledge, so much diversity indeed that there are a lot of things that are not like us, and the only thing that we have in common with them is that none of them are universal in stature either and the one that is, the universe, is not even detectable as such by us or any other observer for that matter including Universe as a possible observer; and that is a critical factor because Universe is fundamentally different from us in that it does not have to acknowledge or observe its own existence, that is it does not have to will its existence and it doesn’t even posses the desire to exist.

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The Apophthegm Prophecy Measured

There are any number of variables that we could use to measure if in fact our apophthegm prophecy has come to pass or even if we posses the necessary elements to make it genuine and so we shall give some effort here so that our readers are not left to their own devices. The key element that allows us to measure its effects are ergio energies, this is because they are indeed cosmically quantifiable and scientists will like this part because they can thus continue on experimenting and proving things in the new world order, thus no one will be left behind.

We can start with obvious measures and one everyone will like but first let me note that while we can tell you what to measure we could not tell you what instrumentation would be required for it; however we can tell you without doubt what mindset to nurture.

Now then the first thing is that you can measure sentient energy, that is sentient energy can be detected as it habits a human being and specially as it travels from one human being to another or to a precious orchid or from a human being to an animal like say a tiger, that last one in the form of fear of course. Fear like any emotion can only be manifested and transferred via ergio energies that is the medium by which tigers and animals in general including human animals can detect fear in one another. However we can leave the chemist out of this as by the time there is a chemical reaction biology has kicked into the process and that is more byproduct and not genuine ergio energies, that is to say you can witness reactions in a chemical context, as induced by ergio energies but that is not a direct account of those energies, ergio energies are cosmic in nature and so they have to be witness in the same manner that you would witness a neutrino or a photon.

If you can measure sentient energy the most abundant area of sentient energy would be where there is a whole lot of love, that is love concentrates sentient energy fields to a very high degree of their potential physical manifestation. Two lovers sharing each others compassion and passions would certainly register a quantifiable ergio mass exchange. The dynamic generated between the two lovers ought to be significant and detectable locally and even at a distance, as love energies arc over distances. It is thus postulated here that love energies, because they combined with less resistance than all other possible combinations. would manifest the highest degree of dynamic flow and interchange and thus ought be the easiest to detect though also the rarest. And they are rarest not because they are, plenty of love flows throughout a species and even humanity and more so throughout the metaphysical but the problem is that the spastic energies such as hate, conflict, or life manifesting such as pure raw desire make a lot more noise and so they distort and adversely obfuscate love energies; this means that in part any detection would require the elimination of the distortions caused by the more prevalent energies; and also that there will be frequency variables with ergio energies so that not all ergios will register the same footprint.

Another little fascination is that there may in fact be ergio energy discrepancies between two lovers so it ought also be measurable if one lover is more parasitic than the other, thought generally two well matched lovers will be more or less equal parasites of each other and most energy exchanges will approximate zero variance over time. This also brings us to an odd principle, love energies are very quantifiable but when two lovers are very much in love their love energies, as they are transmitted will, in the interchange, largely cancel each other’s reciprocating wave pattern, sort of eliminating redundancy of feeling and refining it to the most obvious intensity and that love will then represent a most thin string oscillation of ergio energy quantifications.

Generally you may detect any type of love energy dynamically interacting between any parties concerned, excepting systems as a system cannot love you back as much as it might want to or claim, with propaganda, to love you so and value you systems just don’t do that.

Now between a mother and child there ought to be mass amounts of ergio energy flows and between sisters and brothers and best friends and soul mates. But soul mates are a special category because they will have the highest bond possible even higher than that between a marriage of lovers that are not each others soul mates and higher even than that of a mother child relationship. This is because a mother has a child because a child wishes to be born into this world and finds a carrier and the mutual circumstances permit it, but soul mates are souls that find themselves in the here and now but that know each other or have been aware of each others existence in the metaphysical or/and in other material realms. Now here the quantum effect of shared expression takes over and when two souls find each other on this earth their bond will generally be of the highest magnitude and their ergio energies collusion would have substantial surface level delectation, equaling irrefutable substance.

Soul mates suffer the greatest benefits from action at a distance, i.e. quantum entanglement principles, where once they were joined together in another dimensional space, and then found themselves, through whatever circumstances separated, they would still carry each others essence in a complimentary framework, so that either one will feel though not necessarily experience what the other feels, this even as they may be separated by times, i.e. epochs and distances, i.e. spatial dimensions, and even states of being such as can be said if one is dead and the other is alive in a corporeal context.

But soul mates have a more amazing benefit to their relationship that is that the emotional ergio energies that travel to and from one another are the sum total of their combined experiences as well, so that their interactions with other souls and same essence types are accrued mutually as if they were one. That is to say that if the universe were to observe any actions between two soul mates it would register them as a singular action, in the same way that if it were to measure their ergio energy mass it would quantify it as 1, one; and spectacularly the same, it follows that if universe were to measurably observe peoples, by their combined ergio energies, it would only witness and measure one, one humanity. It would not see individuality!

Action-at-a-distance, is of course based on the complimentary quantum experience, as it has been documented and no different and it even gets more interesting. When you look at the accumulation of the experiences across souls you get something even more fascinating shared-soul-experiences, that is soul mates that have accumulated association in other dimensions would reflect those associations by the tribe that they chose as their own, that is to say that tribal affiliation is more than likely based on a cosmic priori of metaphysical associations arrived at through a myriad of entanglements; and that logically scales to nation though as it scales it can be assumed that the connection is many degrees lesser than that based on soul-mate associations so that patriot and compatriot, it can be assumed, hardly know one another. You ought here take notice then that the institution of nation, rises into manifestation not out of love but actually because there is a lack of it.

This is accurately to say that there are personal and systemic complimentary connections based on time-space that do not necessarily share the obvious association based on pure connective metaphysical properties, so that two souls born on this particular time-space would have a minor and measurable degree of quantum entanglement based merely on their time-space association but not to the level of a soul-mate entanglement where there is no longer distance or time between them. Souls that have shared a priori in same space-time criteria would more likely succeed in forming nations which are more based on acquaintance type factors not excluding friendships that are many times removed from soul-mate experiences but are still rudimentarily associated with varying kinds of priori entanglements.

In conclusion when emotive essence types manifest themselves in the physical they will immediately search and struggle to find entanglement associations which will thus formulate social and system entities in time-space. Based on that assumption there ought to be a significant resonance-association that ought be detectable and observable at some ergio level magnitude. And we must here warn that all ergio energies directed to mount institutions will invariably ground those energies in the near/here, such is their lot.

When ergio energy is transferred it might not leave a trace, it might be the only type of energy not to leave a trace, because a requires constant input, that is not to say that it cannot have and leave a history it just doesn’t float on its own, ergio energies require and mandate dynamic attention, and not just any type of attention that is there must be care taken to express them because they are emotive and emotive energies do not take well to being ignored, that is they will disappear if they are not constantly infused with some level of attention and observation so as to resonate; the primal scream that brings emotive energies into being is thus a magnificent attention span effect circumstance which can sustain itself as observable for some magnificent amount of time in space but that depends on early recognition so as to maintain itself and not subsume.

What this tells us is that if you are loving someone love is indeed not something that you can do once and then take for granted that the object that you love will know that you are loving them forever, rather the contrary when you love someone it is to always have to love them, it is like having a constant job at putting love energy into the relationship it does mandate such an effort and it is reflected in how much attention and thought and tenderness and patience you give to the object of your love so that it will sustain the interaction of love between both entities, and further it is postulated here that for love to manifest itself, as love is an entity unto itself, even though it is only a dynamic entity and it can only exist based on the interaction of third parties, but for love to manifest itself it must be shared, that is it must have a mutual reciprocity and must have within those associations already not only the ability to love but that the dynamic of love has been made receptive within any given combination of participants.

The love object that receives love and is able to channel love will invariably suffer an increase in mass as love energy amasses within and throughout the constituency, that is that love energy fattens you up and it fattens anything that it touches, the more attention you give to something the more it will grow, the longer it will live, the more it will enjoy life and the fatter it will get and the healthier it will be.

But there is an even more important factor the more love and desire attention than an emotive being gets the greater the energy stamina it will have to manifest in the context of action in the material world, so a president or a rock star or super athlete will largely hold the attention energy of many within their vessel and will be able to endure and manifest great actions on behalf of the spectators and their anticipations as a result of the combined wishes and attention of ergio energies that are diverted towards them via their constituency of admirers.

Thus great nations will grow fatter and also have a greater potential manifested in them through the combined attention energy that is driven towards them by the expectant based of all those that harbor energy of attention towards them, in any guise national or international. However there is a matter that is critical here, expectant-energies (those of the mass) are not always positive and the greater the nation, essence, system or superstar character the greater its ability to channel emotive energy and this is so in any discernable aspect, so that the attention given by the principal entity that represents the whims, wants and desire expressions of the mass must be attentive to the equal perversion that such may suffer and thus hopefully exercise a degree of wisdom on their behalf by opting to listen to the most positive or edifying or uniting aspect of propositions from their given constituency; this even as their may occur an overriding subconscious agglomeration of unmanifested ill well.

This is of course is all a judgment call and not always rightly made, so that a president might make the wrong judgment call even as his avatar presence is subject to the multitude of energies of his entire constituency, when this happens in the case of a rock star you might not get a best selling album and that can be tolerable though we do not mean to undermine its effect which is indeed great, but when it happens in the case of a president which represents a broader constituency the results may well be catastrophic, thus one would hope that presidents have great wisdom even as one must suspect that they must be the most vacant of souls so that they can be effected by the greatest number of emotive essence energies.

And here we will make an argument for a little romanticism. If you have ever slept too much you will know that you feel terrible the rest of the day, the body for some reason does not like a lot of sleep, it just doesn’t, the body likes to be awake but not that awake and the reason why it doesn’t is most fascinating. You have to remember that ergio energies are most substantive in the subconscious cosmic realm, they don’t generally manifest themselves above that and are indeed largely unrecognizable but for effect in the here and now, so that your only connection to them is when you are working in part with your subconscious essence and third eye that detect well, subconscious energies. The energy that fosters your stay in the here and now is all emotive energy, why even souls could not exist for one night in the metaphysical if it wasn’t for their being fully infused and more so than us with ergio substantials, and so when you sleep a lot you are then wide awake and so more here/here than not and that means that you are too much here, too much aware of temporal reality, too alert and that alertness loses a great degree of touch with your cosmic subconscious and with the part that ties you to the dust that strings throughout ergio emotive energies that power you. This is why you will feel energyless when you sleep a lot, because the bridge between you and your subconscious has narrowed and the ergio energies that dynamically nourish you from the cosmic will been going through a bottleneck and reach you in fewer ergio quantities.

The subconscious is obviously more powerful than the conscious because the conscious is a substrata of the higher subconsciousness that has been arrested to attest for the goings in the here and now, and so it has been dulled and limited a great deal so that it can deal with an unfeeling circumstance; and it doesn’t stop there the more awake you are the less you feel so that the less you feel the more likely you are to do damage to yourself and to your kind for you are not fully feeling, and there is nothing than is more harmful to an emotive essence than not being able to fully feel and conduct its ergio energies. This is because the only real resource for genuine awareness that we have is our emotive principle, not our logic, not our knowledge, not our institution, not even our belief system, rather simply put it is the dynamic ergio energies manifesting themselves as minutely as they are allowed, in the here and now that constitute any genuine awareness and sincereness that we may posses towards ourselves and one another. It thus behooves us to let them flow as freely as possible and we the more we tie ourselves to the material trappings the less we will feel and the more we will feel through out material trappings which will only serve to deaden our emotive essence.

When you can love a doll that doesn’t mean that you are indeed loving though your ergio energies are being grounded in the activity and when you worship your stamp collection that doesn’t mean that you understand devotion, that is all merely a representation of how your senses have been dulled, so that the more you love your car or your house the less you love your emotive and the less the emotive can love you because, if you remember correctly, love is a shared dynamic it doesn’t act alone, that idea that if there is a god he can love you even if you don’t love him is false, if you don’t love a god he will not love you period, because love is fundamentally a shared emotion and wholly dependant on the consistency and fruition of that dynamic.

Now if you are talking about a nutritive essence such as food or take pork for instance, the pork comes from the pig the pig is in itself an emotive essence manifestation and how it was nourished and treated throughout its life time will determine how wonderful its meat will be, and so further down that chain how it is cooked and how that person gives that nutritive aspect Chef energies, which are emotive will all appreciate the final result of the dinner given. This is due to the fact that nourishment is based on same types, and that consumption of same types is the only thing that can nourish, and the handler of any of that process involves ergio energies that align the symmetries all the way down the process line till serving is done. Equally the ergio energies will drift back from the taster. Junk food produces junk food junkies and vice versa. As sad as that it is.

Love can perish yes it can, and it can perish very easily, it is more fragile than an atomic trigger, it is however easy to sustain a love reaction but it is easier to sustain a nuclear chain reaction, love reactions require any multitude of attentions, and these cannot be diverted and once they are diverted then the connection synapses disperse and even disappear, this is why there is so little love in the world and more anger and hate and ire, because love is the most difficult of all the dynamic representations that are manifested through emotive essence to manifest, and it is the easiest to ignore because love, love doesn’t demand attention, it requires attention to formulate love but love doesn’t demand it! That is the crux of the issue, the love dynamic doesn’t immediately enmesh everything unto itself, the love dynamic is not self supporting, the love dynamic requires intensity and constant attention and as such it is incredibly difficult to sustain, and difficult to believe, hate is more obvious and hate too is not self supporting, but then it has majestic representation attributes that petrify it into any consciousness type.

We will thus conclude here that ergio energies are measurable and that their dynamic dependencies can be detected and quantified, though direct observation of the more euphoric expressions are probably not a viable enterprise.

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